Who We Are

We are a group of creators from Toronto that love bringing new ideas to life and take pride in the work we do. We have developed products ranging from wearables to enterprise systems, while working with everything from start-ups to public companies. Beginning from an idea, each product is planned, nurtured, incubated, and brought to life.

Due to the multi-talended nature of our team, we ensure the entire team is aligned and cognizant of the system as a whole before diving into our specialized verticals. We act as a unit and an extension of you, bringing you all the benefits of a decicated team, while having the agility of experts that have mastered the craft.

Although we move quickly, we value quality over velocity and never take short-cuts. We believe bold is better than fluff, and that grit perserveres over complacency. We are drawn to innovation and the beauty of it coming to fruition.

There’s no shame in having bad ideas… but having the maturity to adapt and pivot is imperative to your product’s success. Let’s grab a coffee and discuss ways that we can help your team.